Prestige Stainless Steel Multi-steamer

Family Sized

We have reviewed all metal hob based steamers before, but we needed to tell you about the Prestige Stainless Steel Multi-steamer.

This is an ideal steam cooker for you if you have a family or if you cook for your friends a lot. The 5.7 litre base pan is just huge, one of the largest out there.

Constructed from a solid stainless steel, the quality is excellent, with a glass lid to allow you to check on how the foods cooking. One word of caution though, being a hob based steam cooker the handles and lid of the Prestige steamer can get quite hot, so make sure you use an oven cloth or similar.

Prestige stainless steel 24 cm, 5.7 litre multi-steamer

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  • Quality stainless steel 5.7 litre multi-steamer
  • A thick base for perfect heat distribution
  • A toughened glass lid for checking on your food
  • Dishwasher safe for ease of cleaning


Little Niggles

One of the things we were a little disappointed with, was the fact that this particular cooker doesn’t collapse, so with its large size you need to make sure you have storage room for it.

The middle tray of the Prestige Multi-steamer is quite shallow, measuring only 4cm high. This could be taken as a pro or con depending on how you look at it. It’s perfect for sliced vegetables, but if you tend to cook a lot of potatoes and cauliflower for example, you may find some difficulty in fitting them in unless you put them all in the bigger top tray.

On the whole, this is a solid, quality steamer, ideal for the larger families.


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