Russell Hobbs 15071 Food Steamer (White)


When selecting appliances for your kitchen, getting a steamer should be in the top of your list. Steamers allow you to cook delicious, healthy food, whilst freeing up your time to do other food preparation or anything else.

The Russell Hobbs 15071 is a great value steamer, priced at the low to middle end of the spectrum. Featuring 3 interchangeable tiers, with the excellent addition that two of the tiers have removable bottom. So if you wanted to steam cook something quite tall (like a large Christmas pudding for instance) you simply pop on two tiers but one without its bottom to make a taller single tier.Russell Hobbs 15071

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A few users have also commented regarding the fitting together of the steamers tiers, which can be a little fiddly at first, but gets easier with a little practice.

Due to the price range the steamer, it doesn’t have all of the features of a modern steamer, and features a manual timer setting, rather than digital. However this can be a plus point, if you have mistimed your cooking you can easily turn the timer to let it cook for longer, rather than fiddling with digital settings.

One other great feature of the Russell Hobbs 15071, is the water inlet spout. This is quite wide, making filling and topping up the steamer really easy even in the middle of cooking. However, the large reservoir should mean topping up isn’t an issue when using for regular steaming.

Russell Hobbs 15071 spout closeup


  • A decent sized 9 litre capacity
  • Three tiers, two of which have removable bases
  • The tiers stack inside each other to reduce steamers size for storage
  • 75 minute manual timer
  • Transparent water gauge for easy checking
  • Wide water inlet for mess free filling and topping up


Like some other steamers available, this one stores really nicely. The tier trays stack inside each other reducing the steamers footprint in your cupboards or on your workspace.

So this seems to be a great value steam cooker, suitable for most households, whats the catch? Well, the plastic used does seem to be a bit flimsy and cheap to the touch. Because of this and the fact it’s white, it can stain quite easily on the inside, especially when cooking carrots etc.

Another minor point, is that this isn’t washable in a dishwasher (maybe due to the plastic quality).



In conclusion, the Russell Hobbs 15071 is a nice entry level steamer, it isn’t perfect, but the great value of the steamer and the fact that it cooks well, more than makes up for the small complaints against it.

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