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Prestige Stainless Steel Multi-steamer

Family Sized We have reviewed all metal hob based steamers before, but we needed to tell you about the Prestige Stainless Steel Multi-steamer. This is an ideal steam cooker for you if you have a family or if you cook for your friends a lot. The 5.7 litre base pan is just huge, one of […]

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3 Tier Stainless Steel Multi Steamer

K.I.S.S. Most modern steamers are electric powered and digitally controlled. However sometimes simple is best. The Multi Steamer Pan is a 3 tier stainless steel steamer designed to be used on a hob (any sort!). One of the best things about this steamer is the weight, it is really light (only 2kg or 4.4lbs), yet […]

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The Magimix 11580

Simply Magic! Most modern steamers have one major drawback when compared to the older bamboo style steamers. Plastic. Even though state of the art technology is used to create plastic that is safe to use in cooking, many people nowadays are much more keen to avoid potential leeching of chemicals from plastic appliances and utensils […]

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