Tefal Vitacuisine Compact Steamer VS400315 Review

Compact Design

Most kitchens have limited work and storage space, and generally steamers tend to be quite bulky products. When I was looking for a quality but practically sized steamer, I found the Tefal Vitacuisine.

Using the Tefal know how, they have managed to make a steamer that has a 10.3 litre capacity, but can be reduced in size by a whopping 35% when it isn’t in use! This means its really practical in a small kitchen.

Tefal Vitacuisine Compact Steamer VS400315

Alongside the compactness of the steamer, it has a 3 in 1 technology, which means that unlike some steamers, you can cook a mix of meat, fish and vegetables without the individual flavours affecting the other food.

Tefal Vitacuisine Compact Steamer VS400315

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Features of the Tefal Vitacuisine

  • When the steamer isn’t in use, you can reduce its size by up to 35% with the patented ultra compact system.
  • An overall capacity of 10.3 litres, more than enough room to cook for up to 4 people.
  • A delay start function of up to 1 hour.
  • An accurate digital timer system, with alarm to tell you the food is ready.
  • The steamer has a keep warm feature, should you not be ready to eat when the food is ready.
  • Warning indicator to show the water is too low, so you don’t damage the heating elements.
  • The parts are dishwasher safe, so cleaning up afterwards is a piece of cake.

The one main niggle with it is that it doesn’t have a water top up spout, which means you have to remove the water tray to fill it up. However, this is a minor issue.

The Tefal Vitacuisine compact, is a beautiful piece of kit, following the traditional 3 tier style, but with a modern metal finish, and would be a welcome addition to your kitchen.

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