The Magimix 11580

Simply Magic!

Most modern steamers have one major drawback when compared to the older bamboo style steamers. Plastic. Even though state of the art technology is used to create plastic that is safe to use in cooking, many people nowadays are much more keen to avoid potential leeching of chemicals from plastic appliances and utensils into their food.

And this is why the Magimix 11580 steamer is ideal. Its made from sturdy stainless steel, including the inserts, so theirs never a concern about chemical residue. The inserts are of course dishwasher safe and the main body of the steamer is easily wiped clean with a cloth.

Magimix 11580

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  • A simple 90 minute timer
  • Auto shut off facility
  • An excellent safety feature, the boil dry safety system
  • A keep warm function, in case your foods ready but your are not
  • Dishwasher safe parts for easy cleaning.
  • Stainless steel inners


Though this steamer is only a two tier, the fact the top tray has a removable bottom and the general size of the steamer means you can cook most foods in here (a chicken yes, a turkey, maybe not!).

Whilst most steamers are stackable and collapse down to conserve space, there is no option with this one. However, the power cable is removable which helps a little and the Magimix has a lovely design which means you wont mind having it displayed on your counter.

Magimax is very proud of the 11580 and offer a 3 year guarantee as standard, though this workhorse of a steamer will give you many years service.

The Magimix 11580 is not the cheapest option around, but if you are serious about your steaming and cook food this way day in, day out, the price becomes very affordable. Especially so when you realise that this sturdy, workhorse of a steam cooker will last you many years.

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